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[040112] running man ep. 88: boa discovers yunho’s rhino

코뿔소; koppulso

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[News] Yunho admits to having a girlfriend (possible fiance)


TVXQ’s Yunho has recently confessed to having a girlfriend, who he may accept to marry.

In the May issue of Men’s Club, Yunho is asked about his ideal type and his opinion of romance.

Shockingly, the singer revealed that he does indeed have a girlfriend who he may except to marry in the coming years.

“I’ve always chosen to keep my relationships private, but because it’s gotten serious to the point of marriage I do not want to hide it. However, this is still part of my private life so I hope fans respect both me and my fiance’s privacy.”

When asked why he finally decided to reveal this, Yunho admitted that because it’s such a happy part of his life, he wanted to share it with fans. “It’s something that will be part of who I am and I think our fans deserve to know that. It’s also unfair to my fiance to hide something like this.”

Yunho has always admitted to wanting to get married. During an episode of tvN’s “Taxi” the issue of marriage was also brought up.

As for the fiance, he revealed that they had known each other for 9 years since before TVXQ debuted. However, due to TVXQ’s busy schedule they didn’t start dating until later. She, like Yunho, is apparently fluent in both Japanese and Korean and Yunho jokingly said “She’s a great singer, I told her she should have auditioned.”

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Yunho’s unbiased opinion about Jaejoong and Yoochun’s exact same makeup.

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Q: What was the most difficult thing while working on the album ‘Why’?

Even with just the 2 of us, the album had to have a TVXQ feel. Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun, they are all talented friends, and we both know it. The feeling that 2 of us had to do everything— it’s easy to just say it, but… it was our toughest task to fill in that empty space. After all the trainees left, we practiced everyday till early morning. The thing that made me happy more than anything… was our fans who, throughout the long break, waited for us. I want to say Thank You to them first.

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Hyunjoong imitating TOP & Jaejoong

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TVXQ & EXO - HaHaHa (dance practice)

an old TVXQ video featuring members of EXO ( Jongin aka Kai, Kyuwan, Chanyeol, Junmyeon)

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GIFS are not mine.

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Chunface’s jokes!

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